Super Mario and the Great Gretzky

Super Mario and the Great Gretzky



The 87 Canada Cup has been dubbed by many as the Greatest Hockey Tournament of all-time.

With 35 hours of on ice and behind the scenes footage, Super Mario and the Great Gretzky takes us on a journey into the glorious and private moments of Canada’s greatest Hockey duo.

The film details how Team Canada was created, how it lived together and how an astonishing friendship and professional partnership developed between the world’s two greatest hockey players, Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux.

From the fallbacks to the great rise to victory, this epic sporting contest culminates in the final games between Canada and the U.S.S.R. where Canada wins the Cup on a goal from Mario Lemieux with a pass from Gretzky.

Marking the 30-year anniversary of the greatest hockey tournament of all time, this larger-than-life drama of Canada Cup ’87 will leave you speechless and emotionally exhilarated.


“The Canada Cup might have been the greatest series of hockey games ever played and even the greatest extended series in the history of international team sport.”   -The New Yorker

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