Student Bodies: The 20 Year Issue




It’s been twenty years since Cody Miller went to high school. Twenty years since he and his friends Chris, Mags, Emily, Grace and Romeo started a little “comic/magazine” called Student Bodies. Now, Cody’s best-friend-since-birth Chris Sheppard has decided to throw a high school reunion. It’s just another of Chris’s get-rich-quick schemes, but this time Cody is actually considering attending. Not because he wants to relive his glory days or catch up with old friends. No, Cody is heading back to high school for one reason… She is going to be there. But with three possible ex-girlfriends from high school, which one is “she?” Emily, Grace or Kim? Only Cody knows. But how will he face the-girl-that-got-away when he can hardly face himself in the mirror?


Like High Fidelity meets The Blues Brothers, Student Bodies: The 20 Year Issue is an original comedy about love and relationships in your mid-thirties. The series follows Cody, and his best friend Chris, as they track down their high school friends. Chris tries to convince his classmates to attend their reunion, while Cody tries to figure out where it all went wrong through memories of three different high school girlfriends, one of whom he never fully got over…


In the end, Cody and the rest of the Student Bodies gang will reunite at their high school reunion. And she will be there. The audience will finally discover which of Cody’s three high school girlfriends was truly “the one.” But will Cody find closure once and for all, or will he only reopen a wound that took twenty years to heal?


“Hey. It’s not high school. It’s real life”

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