La Quette de Loisel (Loisel’s Quest)

La Quette de Loisel (Loisel’s Quest)




From pencil to camera through the eyes of a celebrated artist…

The French BD (bande dessinée) artist Régis Loisel has given the world countless unforgettable stories with the mastery of his unique style of drawing. He created notable comic book series such as La Quête de l’oiseau du Temps, Peter Pan, Magasin Géneral and many more, that became iconic titles in the BD world. Not even Disney could ignore his distinct craft, and brought him aboard to work on the animated films Mulan and Atlantis. But even after 40 years of an intriguing career and selling over 5 million copies of books worldwide – Loisel’s biggest quest is only about to begin.

Following years of working alone at his fantasy-filled atelier, Loisel embarks on the first part of what will surely become a multimedia franchise: the production of the live-action short film Les Chaussures, an original story that he wrote for the screen and which will be his directorial debut. However, this won’t be his only meeting with the big screen, as one of Québec’s leading film producers, has recently signed up to collaborate with him on the big budget feature adaptation of his dark rendition of Peter Pan.

The excitement of his fans is in the air but the road is full of obstacles for Loisel, who has to adapt to working and orchestrating an entire film crew in order to manifest his vision in a medium that is all but new to him. Through his experience of making the transition from the BD world to the one of cinema, the opportunity is taken to explore the phenomenon of comic book adaptation for the silver screen – why it proves to be so popular and successful, and is it related to the decline of the classic form of the comic book as it yields to the new digitized, animated and narrated forms of strips, that are meant to be experienced through various new media platforms.

Loisel’s Quest is a journey of exploration of the changing face of the comic book industry and the growing trend of comic book adaptation into live-action films, all through the endeavours of one of the most celebrated BD artists of our time, Régis Loisel, as he takes the challenge of leaping from his adventurous comic career to bringing his magical characters to life on the big screen.

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